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Brake Special Offer

With Honda of Chantilly's brake special offer, there's no reason not to stop in and pay us a visit. We offer our extended service hours extend flexibility to our busy customers and no appoinment is necessary! Whether you need your brakes inspected or servicing right away, take advantage of our brake offers in Virginia.

If you've done us the service of protecting our freedom through the United States Military, we extend to you a special 15% off discount discount for veterans and members of the US Military. It's just one of our ways to say “thank you” for your service.


If you need brake service on your car and have received a written estimate from auto service or repair and want a second opinion, bring your vehicle in to Honda of Chantilly and we'll make sure they have correctly diagnosed your vehicle for free. And if you need the repairs done, we'll beat any competitor's price. If you want a brake inspection or need to replace your pads or rotors, take advantage of this Second Opinions Matter offer!

For your convenience, we're offering you a FREE multi-point inspection to make sure your car is in working order. Our multi-point inspections include interior and exterior inspection of your lights, windshield washer spray and blades, parking brake, and cabin filter, in applicable. We'll check under the hood for your fluid levels and inspect your belts and hoses, while also checking the brake lines, exhaust system, engine oil, and your shocks and suspension. We'll test your battery to make sure it's got enough juice, check your tires, including the spare, and test your brake condition. Take advantage of our brake special offer in Virginia!

Do you know the signs that your brakes need replacing? There are a few ways to tell if you need brake service, and they are quite easy. While you are braking, pay attention to any sounds that might occur as you press on the brakes. A high-pitched squealing or squeaking sound is the easiest way to know if your brakes are failing. There's actually a wear indicator in your braking system that causes this noise to let you know that your pads need to be replaced.

If you notice a grinding sound when you press on the brakes, you might have gone through the brakes pads, and the sound you hear is the caliper grinding against the rotor. This issue should be resolved right away, as it can only lead to further vehicle damage and costly repairs. If you notice any vibrations in the brake pedal when you're stopping, this may also be a sign that your brakes need service. While this may also be an issue with misaligned tires, you should still make a service appointment to find out what the issue is.

If you're in need of new brakes, rotors, or pads, stop in at Honda of Chantilly and take advantage of our brake offer in Virginia. Our state-of-the-art service center provides work on all makes and models, and no appointment is necessary. Just bring your vehicle in and take advantage of our extended service hours, seven days a week. The next time you need brake service in Virginia, visit Honda of Chantilly!

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