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Oil Change Service In Chantilly


At Honda of Chantilly, you can bring your vehicle in at any time for an oil change because we have extended service hours and no appointment is necessary. With oil change specials and coupons, you're sure to get a great deal when you stop in. Take advantage of our oil change service in Chantilly today!

We at Honda of Chantilly are here to answer some questions you might have about getting your oil changed.

What Oil Should I Use For My Car?

Available at Honda of Chantilly, use Honda Genuine Oil whenever possible because it's made especially for your vehicle. If Genuine Honda Oil is not available, choose oil bearing the “Starburst” certification that states “American Petroleum Institute Certified For Gasoline Engines Only”. By choosing this, the oil meets the latest performance requirements by the automotive and oil industries. These oils will provide better performance in oil life, wear protection, and deposit and sludge protection.

Honda Genuine Oil is subjected to specific tests to guarantee the best performance and compatibility with your vehicle. Refer to your owner's manual for the proper weight (5W, 10W, etc) grade for your vehicle.


How Often Should I Change My Oil?

First, check your owner's manual to see the recommended service times, as separate maintenance schedules are listed for “normal service” and “severe” service. More than likely, oil changes will be under “normal service”. In general, most vehicles are due every three months, or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. Some vehicles have an extended time and mileage, so be sure to refer to your owner's manual. While changing your oil sooner than listed may seem like a good thing, it shows no real benefit. However, if you go over the maintenance interval, your oil will not be as effective. Oil works to both cool your engine due to the heat and friction and to keep everything running smoothly. The longer you wait to get an oil change, the more dirt and sludge build up there is, resulting in less protection to your vehicle.

Should I Use Oil Additives

We advise that you not use any oil additives, as the Genuine Honda Oil is already a blend of such oil. When you use Honda Genuine Oil or any oil with the approved “Starburst”, you're already getting the high quality oil. Additives can't extend the life of used oil because the oil molecules have already been broken down and may actually cause harm to your vehicle!

Stop in for oil change service in Chantilly the next time you need a quick oil change. There's no appointment necessary and our extended services hours mean more flexibility for you.

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