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Have Your Battery Checked at Pohanka Honda in Chantilly, VA

Have Your Battery Checked at Pohanka Honda in Chantilly, VA

Our Technicians Will Check Your Engine's Power Output

The battery is at the heart of your vehicle, and it is an important factor to have inspected and tested on a regular basis. Not only because it serves many purposes, but especially since we live in a climate where we see extreme differences in temperatures, it’s imperative you keep an eye on its well-being. As soon as today, you can have your battery checked at Pohanka Honda in Chantilly, VA.

Here at Honda of Chantilly, our Service Department technicians have the skills and knowledge to perform any maintenance in a quick and efficient manner, such as routine battery checks. The battery plays a vital role in your vehicle, as it not only helps power the engine, but it also provides electricity to the rest of the car. Unfortunately, the winter months affect your battery’s performance severely, which is why it’s always encouraged to get a battery check before the season fully sets in.

When you bring in your vehicle, our technicians will do a variety of things to ensure it’s working properly. To begin, they will perform a simple inspection. During this, they will look over the battery and check for anything that may seem wrong, such as broken or loose terminals. A broken or loose terminal can lead to a short circuit, which can then result in burning or melting. Other issues that our technicians will inspect for include bulges or bumps, as well as cracks or ruptures of the plastic. And, of course, if they notice any corrosion when you have your battery checked at Pohanka Honda in Chantilly, VA, they will clean it off to prevent any serious damage from occurring. If you have any questions about this process, feel free to give us a call, or utilize our Ask a Tech form, which lets you directly ask a question to one of our mechanics.

The average lifespan of a battery is three years, but there are several factors that can hinder your battery’s performance and shorten it's life. For starters, the winter season is one of them. At 5 degrees Fahrenheit, a fully charged lead-acid battery has only half of its rate amp-hour capacity, which is why it’s encouraged to get it checked before the colder months. Additional contributors include your driving habits and frequent short trips. Your battery is an invaluable part of your vehicle, so if you experience difficulty turning your engine over when you put your key in the ignition, or if your lights are dimmer than usual, it’s a good idea to bring in your vehicle.

Here at Honda of Chantilly, our service center is open seven days a week with convenient morning and evening hours, so finding a time to come in is hassle-free. For service that you can depend on and trust, have your battery checked at Pohanka Honda in Chantilly, VA, today!

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joshua knepper
October 18, 2017

"Very good experience buying my first car "

October 16, 2017

We worked with Zak Rhodes, who was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful in relation to what we were looking for. Although the process took a couple of hours, they ran smooth and Zak made sure we received prompt and relevant information. We would definitely recommend Zak to our friends and relatives, and of course recommend Honda given the quality of its cars and multiple options in benefit of the customers.

"Patient and kind AND ENTERTAINING!"

October 16, 2017

We worked with Michael Reeves, he was great!! My husband is in sales so he's a hard negotiator! Mike made sure we left happy and had us laughing the whole time! Chantilly Honda is our new car place!! My husband also expressed we were short on time. I over heard Luis Corum tell a fellow co-worker, "I don't have time to talk right now I have to get this done." That just meant so much to us that he valued our time.

Jeevan Babu
October 15, 2017

Good service... Waiting facility and complimentary service is good

Alex Cashin
October 15, 2017

Nice employees and very good service

Mohammad Khan
October 15, 2017

"Good Experience Buying New CRV EX AWD"

October 14, 2017

Had a positive experience purchasing a new Honda CRV EX AWD at Chantilly Honda. Responsive and engaged sales team. We worked with Zak Rhodes and Justin Sproles. We were interested in one particular color, and they were able to get it to us within a week. Dealership itself was in a good, convenient location and had a nice waiting area with amenities. Would recommend to folks interested in buying a Honda.

Adam Kater
October 13, 2017

UPDATE: The manager called, was pleasant and apologetic, and says he'd like to address my frustrations. Slick salesmen. No after purchase service.

Adam K.
October 13, 2017

UPDATE: The manager called and was apologetic. Looks like we're on track to make this right. Bought a brand new Accord last weekend. The bumper was damaged but they said they'd fix it on Wednesday once the parts came it. Well that's come and gone. The service department doesn't know anything about parts being ordered and everyone at the dealership who say's they'll help me seems to be pretty aggressively ignoring me. Guess I'll just have to pay to get it fixed myself. Maybe they'll make it right, but I have no confidence in that and I'm pretty frustrated with them.

Jim Mitchell
October 11, 2017

The process to get a warranty repaired on my Ridgeline was flawless. The service area was very modern, clean, and setup well for working remotely if necessary. The service associate that worked with me was courteous and upfront with expectations. I will look to have future work done here if the cost is comparable.

Brad W.
October 8, 2017

Took car here for service. �They were very busy (a weekend), but accommodating and friendly, and got the car done 1.5 hrs earlier than expected, which was greatly appreciated. �Their "quiet room" (no cell phones or other noise allowed) is a nice bonus for waiting too.

C A.
October 5, 2017

The dealership is very clean and organized. We were greeted right away by friendly, helpful staff. I ended up purchasing a Honda Pilot Elite and am very happy with it as well as the service provided by the dealership. I originally went to the Honda dealership in Tysons and had terrible service. So I was happy that it was not the same at this location.

"Excellent Car Buying Experience at Honda of Chantilly "

October 4, 2017

Dear Honda of Chantilly, On Saturday, Sept. 30, my husband and I shopped cars at Carmax. We were planning to return on Sunday. However, I did some internet research early in the morning and found the 2016 Honda CR-V for sale. I immediately sent Justin Sproles a note and he responded within 45 minutes. I was very impressed with his responsiveness. We met at noon, and he went over the car details thoroughly. We bought the CR-V. He made the buying process seamless, as did the Finance Manager Rob Fracker. The price of the CR-V was acceptable and we were thankful that Honda of Chantilly matched out Carmax quote for the Hyundai Sonata we were trading in. We appreciated with knowledgeable but no pressure (as we have experienced at other dealerships) approach during the closing process. As it turned out, my husband fell in love with a 2017 Accord and we bought that as well. It was double work for both Justin and Rob, but they made the process very enjoyable. This is our first Honda experience, and we would definitely recommend your dealership to friends and family. Thank you, Paula Junker

"New Honda Venture"

October 2, 2017

The dealership was clean, inviting and professional. Justin Sproles has been wxtreamly responsive and supportive in our search for a car. He successfully communicated opportunities while was on travel with several time zones separating us. When I returned, Justin was the first person I sought out. His professionalism, knowledge and patience were challenged only by his commitment and humor. We now own a new Honda Accord, our first Honda, and look forward to the continued professional service we received.

"Great sales experience "

September 30, 2017

Walked into the dealership and was immediately greeted by Justin Sproles. He was so friendly and funny! Made our car shopping experience a breeze. No pressure... just a great guy! Would definitely go back and recommend to anyone shopping for a Honda!

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